Our work is characterised by urbanisation, globalisation, climate change and the dynamics of our times. A modern metropolitan area such as Hamburg is faced the challenge of enabling infrastructure and mobility for people, traffic and transport on road, rail and waterways in limited space. Our clients develop new concepts for urban spaces for this purpose, and we support them in their planning, construction and implementation. 

Who do I work with

In addition to the high quality planning contained in our drawings, our responsibilities include combining the varying interests arising from politics, clients, environment and energy, sustainability, public local transport, the police, citizens, cyclists, people with disabilities and participating specialists. For this purpose we actively manage a complex project management system with the use of the most modern technologies including SharePoints and knowledge transfer. We bring the participants together and place our emphasis on transparent communication, which ensures that solutions are driven forward. 

We have adapted the working environment to suit our requirements during everyday work at LEHNE ing. Our location in the central Hamburg suburb of St. Georg near the Alster and the main station provides short journeys to our customers. We use public local transport and, in summer, our bikes to move around the city. And, by the way, this is often on routes we planned ourselves. Our offices provide a newly-designed working world which supports concentrated work, teamwork, recreational areas and flat hierarchies.