New construction of Waltershofer Brücken

New construction of Waltershofer Brücken


New construction of Waltershofer bridges

The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) intended to improve the logistics at the largest container terminal in Hamburg harbour and to make it viable through reconstruction of the Waltershofer bridges during the course of traffic linkage with the Burchardkais.  This required the reconstruction of an additional track, the actual rail bridges themselves, the associated road bridges and the construction of new roads in the connecting areas.

In this context numerous service lines with superordinate supply functions from providers and disposers were rerouted. The old bridges were lifted off their abutments with the aid of the tide. For this purpose the supply lines were initially routed over a provisional bridge in order to guarantee supply reliability. After this the lines were placed along a new route safe from flooding.

The new bridges were given widened carriageway cross-sections. During construction the bridge abutments had to be re-dimensioned and traffic areas had to be adapted. Provisional traffic flow was provided over the new rail bridge during the period of road and bridge construction measures.

Projects overview

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