Ground overhaul Borsigstraße

Ground overhaul Borsigstraße


Ground overhaul Borsigstraße

Borsigstraße, in the Billbrook industrial and commercial estate, required a complete overhaul for reasons of serious road damage. Due to its location in an industrial estate with a high proportion of heavy goods traffic and the associated increased pollution of surface water, the existing road drainage system was demolished and replaced by a new pipework system. The polluted water was cleaned in an upstream rainwater treatment facility before entering the sewage system before being directed into the Billbrook canal.

The Borsigstraße is built over a large number of supply and disposal lines for the industrial area, and these formed a complex initial situation for the route planning. Intensive coordination with the pipework owners was necessary and expedient, since extensive rerouting work was necessary.

During the construction phase traffic management, consideration was given to the fact that adjacent operations including the Borsigstraße waste recycling facility and the Abfall-Verwertungs-Gesellschaft mbH required access during the construction measures.

The adjacent areas were also renewed during modernisation of the road. Cycle traffic was optimised comfortably and safely using a new cycle route. At the junction between Borsigstraße/Grusonstraße/Werner-Siemensstraße/Wöhlerstraße, a new system of traffic lights and additional signals for cyclists was required.

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