Ground overhaul Halenreie

Ground overhaul Halenreie


Ground overhaul Halenreie

The rebuilding and complete overhaul of the Halenreie comprised a road section of around 730 m. This road acts as a main traffic artery in the north-east Hamburg suburb of Volksdorf with local connection and development functions which had to be retained during the construction phase.

The road was characterised by extremely high, old avenue-type tree stocks. This was taken into consideration by the involvement of a tree expert during the planning phase, and considerable emphasis was placed on construction works for protecting the roots during the building implementation.

The existing tree stocks and the level of damage found in the existing road required quality improvement in the form of complete renovation. The condition of the adjacent surfaces also required improvement as well as the road surface. The footways and cycleways, especially, no longer met today’s planning requirements and were optimised during the contract.

A new road drainage system was planned, and this was connected to the existing ground filter system which sustainably cleaned the water before it was allowed to seep into the ground.

Project overview

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