Modernisation A7-highway+

Modernisation A7-highway+


Modernisation A7-highway

Even national motorways require rebuilding and must be brought completely up-to-date due to the high requirements on modern infrastructure.

For this reason the section of the A7 between the junctions at Hamburg-Heimfeld and Hamburg-Südwest towards Hamburg has been modernised, including new bridge structures and access ramps.

For this purpose the complete carriageway was renewed with new asphalt construction over an area of 75,000 m² and around 12 km of road restraint systems (steel safety barriers) were fitted. Drainage pipes, in addition to 30 drainage shafts and 70 road gullies, were rebuilt over a length of around 3 km to ensure safe and harmless discharge of surface water.

A phase-based traffic management system was drawn up for each construction phase so that it was always possible to retain 5 of the 6 lanes during the entire construction period. Diversion routes were made available for the blocked entry and exit ramps so that traffic was able to reach the motorway from the next available junction.

Projects overview

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