Environmental engineering


Fat separation facility – ­HAW Campus Berliner Tor

Contracting entity

Public contractor

Fat separation facility – ­HAW Campus Berliner Tor

The leaking and aged fat separation facility and its connecting pipework at the Campus Berliner Tor (HAW) required renewal. Fat separators have the function of separating greases and oils from wastewater. The wastewater and rinsing water from the student canteen kitchen containing grease and oil is cleaned using such a facility before it is allowed to enter the sewage system.

The old separation facility was replaced by a standard-conforming fat separation facility so that the wastewater could be introduced into the public mixed sewer. Furthermore, a reinforced concrete sample-taking shaft was constructed underground. The damaged pipework made of stoneware was replaced by modern PE pipework, and the building connection was made using the core drilling process.

Provisional equipment for maintaining the drainage system was set up during construction, and this was reconnected to suit the phases. After this, paving work was carried out to make the surfaces accessible again.

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