Mobility, as one of the most important components in modern infrastructure, is subject to continuous change.This is where one of our core competencies in the areas of development, roadbuilding and transport links can be found.

For our customers we plan and implement construction projects in the sectors of bicycle routes, city roads, development roads, motorways, national roads, subway facilities and transport links on major business, residential building and industrial properties. 

The large numbers of participants and professional requirements demand a high level of specialist knowledge taken from all civil engineering fields in addition to an active and structured planning management in order to achieve the aims we have defined together with our customers. The environment and sustainability are always of great importance whilst handling the tasks. This applies to planning and preparation just as much as it does to specific building implementation on site. 

Our references from the Mobility sector

Modernisation of the A7 motorway in Hamburg

MobilityEven national motorways require rebuilding and must be brought completely up-to-date due to the high requirements on modern infrastructure. ... read on

Complete overhaul of the Halenreie

MobilityThe rebuilding and complete overhaul of the Halenreie comprised a road section of around 730 m. This road acts as a main traffic artery in the nort ... read on

Veloroute 2 – Tornquiststraße

MobilityThe urban infrastructure in Hamburg is being continuously extended using so-called velo routes as a part of a high-speed cycleway network. This is ... read on

Bike+Ride - Kellinghusenstraße

MobilityIt is important to link different means of transport together to ensure sustainable and future-capable mobility in Hamburg. Bike+Ride locations (B+ ... read on

Bus acceleration – Lange Reihe

MobilityThe Lange Reihe is right outside our office door in the suburb of St. Georg, and is characterised by inner-city building development with residenti ... read on

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