Top-quality expertise can only be properly used in a motivated and versatile team. For this reason LEHNE ing. employs  engineers originating from different disciplines ranging from the classical civil engineer through geographers, hydraulic engineers and technical draftsmen.

We place great emphasis on innovative personalities who are keen on taking on complex, new challenges.

S. Eikenroth

O. Paul

F. Hänsch

N. Goldberg

L. Bentin

T. Armborst

J. Schmidt

G. Niemann

A. Atassi

M. Pantosch

E. Timmermann

V. Kolaska

C. Grittner

L. Schneider

J. Schofield

S. Lehmann

J. Paul

C. Lips

N. Schieke

B. Römmer

E. Kämper

S. Mannes

N. Brunken

H. Aldag

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