Retaining wall Bergedorf Schlossgraben

Retaining wall Bergedorf Schlossgraben


Retaining wall Bergedorfer Schlossgraben

The Bergedorfer Schloßstraße is located in the area of Bergedorf, which is separated from the Bergedorfer Schloßgraben by an old retaining wall consisting of erratic boulders and dry stonewalling which is subject to a preservation order. It is 30 m long and secures a change in level of 1.5 m in height. During the construction measures, sheet piling and concrete work in addition to masonry and road construction work were carried out on the damaged retaining wall. Furthermore, the partially undermined retaining wall is characterised by deformation caused by increased traffic loading.

The retaining wall is subject to a city of Hamburg preservation order, which means that reconstruction of the damaged retaining wall had to be recorded in detail using surveying operations so that the wall could be reconstructed using the existing material after the steel sheet piling wall had been constructed.

On top of this a sheet piling wall was constructed on the water side to create provisional working space. Water law permits had to be observed during the construction sequence.

Services included the controlled dismantling of the historic masonry wall, construction of the land-side steel sheet piling walls in addition to work on the masonry for restoring the historic retaining wall before securing the differences in surface height. The subsequent road construction work provided connection to the existing buildings once again.

Project overview

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